About Us

In the beginning…

I started designing furniture ten years ago as a natural evolution of my talents in graphic design and carpentry. I think of designs as functional artwork and not just pieces of furniture. Each piece is intended to be a conversation piece and the focal point of any room in which it is placed. My style is influenced by industrial design and futuristic themes. The pieces can be described as classic design meets with ultramodern. Some of the pieces are also influenced by my passion for cycling. You can see my passion for cycling come to life by how I reclaim bicycle parts and incorporate them into some of the designs.

custom metal coffee table with glass top, S.D. Feather Arch coffee table
custom ottoman with green cushions and wood base, S.D. Feather Fallout ottoman

The Evolution…

The custom furniture available at S.D. Feather is fully conceptualized, developed and refined by S.D. Feather. The flexibility in size and finish make the designs incredibly unbounded and conducive to virtually every environment. This unparalleled custom furniture can be designed to meet your specific needs. Each design is fabricated of the finest-grade materials currently available. Fabrication includes metal, wood, textile and upholstery products. Our specialized fabrication techniques include custom polished, textured steel, aluminum, as well as stainless steel. All wood materials can be customized as well, including veneers and laminates.